Fields to gold

This is the The VXO Company!

With our four daughter companies we work from ”Fields to Gold”. We own the whole value-chain from the fresh barley made on our contract farmers fields which is refined to malt in our malting plant, where it is sold to breweries and then distributed in an unbroken refrigerated chain all over Sweden. Basically making fields to liquid gold.

Welcome to our top-class craft malting plant!

Working directly with local Svenskt Sigill and KRAV-certified contract farmers combined with our fully-automated malting line, we are able to offer the best in class craft malt with the same quality, batch after batch.

Not only the best craft malt, but also a full range supplier!

By combining our malt production with import of organic Hops and Yeast we become one of a very few high-class full-range suppliers to breweries, destilleries and home brewers in Sweden.

Our own brands and products!

In 2020 we plan to launch our own brewery, but already in 2017 we will be able to offer our own range of wines and phantom brewed beers until we have our own productions in place.

The best craft beverage distribution!

We only work with the top craft brands with-in Beer, Wine and Spirits and we ensure the highest quality beverages by beeing the only importer in Sweden to offer an unbroken refrigerated chain from suppliers to the consumer.

Four portfolios that target different customer needs!

We are customer oriented and we work with-in our four different craft-oriented nisched product portfolios: Terroir, XO Beer, Selected Spirtis and Bevalta, to enable us to solve different customer needs.

Our customers!

Our sales team consists of goal-oriented, craft-trusted wine and beer enthusiasts covering Systembolaget, HoReCa and the Daily Food Market (DFM) from Kiruna in the North to Ystad in South of Sweden.